Saddle Research Trust – Learnings in brief No4…
Presented by Laura Quiney
Further findings from the rider weight study
Profiles/templates of the horses backs were taken at 6 marked intervals along the horse’s spine both pre and post exercise.
Results showed a mean average increase in back width of 3% .
By rider type
LW – all 6 measurements increased
MW – 5 out of 6 measurements increased
HW & VH – 2 out of 6 measurements decreased at the 8th & 13th vertebrae
(both ridden assessments for HW & VH riders were shorter in time due to the abandonment protocol being applied when lameness or 8 or more behaviour markers became evident)
Thought provoking research indeed…. as saddle fitters it is so important to keep afresh of new research & developments so we can endeavour to do the best job we can and keep horse welfare at the forefront of our minds.
We hope you’ve enjoyed these snippets of learnings from the Saddle Research Trust 😉