Saddle Research Trust – Learnings in brief No2 …
Rider Asymmetry
Russell Mackechnie-Guire
The effect the saddle & rider has on the horse has been a focus of recent scientific studies and poor saddle fit can hinder performance as can an asymmetric rider.
Russell reminds us that all horses and riders are asymmetric and the importance of good saddle fit to provide unhindered back function is essential, the saddle after all is the interface between both but also riders need to be aware of their own asymmetry. It is important therefore to take a multifaceted approach, saddle fitters, physios, vets, farriers, trainers and owners all working towards the same goal and follow a
Evaluate – Awareness – Follow Up methodology &
Remember Riders need to see themselves as athletes.
As saddle fitters we often describe the saddle as the translator between 2 moving dynamics. If you feel a change of balance/position in your saddle or have any movement to one side it is important to have your saddle checked by a Qualified Saddle Fitter, who can then evaluate why this is happening hopefully resolve any issues but also work with other equine professionals and look at the horse and rider holistically.
SRT learnings No3 follows tomorrow 👍🏻