If you have just purchased a newly fitted saddle we recommend your first saddle check be within 3 months of purchase, we advise this for two reasons:-
1. This allows a period of time for the saddle to settle in and often if the saddle has a flocked panel it is necessary to make a small flocking adjustment as this will generally settle and potentially could affect the saddle balance
2. You may also find that your new saddle allows your horse to be more comfortable and therefore move more freely and/or work more correctly, with this there is a potential for your horse to change shape within a very short period of time, re assessment of your new saddle within 3 months is key if your saddle fitter is to be on top of any changes.
Thereafter we usually advised your saddle be checked every 6 months or annually at minimum.
To arrange your next saddle check contact Sally in the office 01270 842741 or why not book onto our monthly Saddle Check Clinic at a reduced price of £25 per horse plus alterations if required.