We were asked to check a saddle today that we had not seen before and the rider felt the saddle was always tipped left. Having assesses the horse both static and ridden we could see the horse dropping its left hip quite dramatically creating a dynamic for the saddle to follow. A few small adjustments to the flocking & girthing, we saw the saddle significantly improve but right canter was still a concern. In the process we then went on to try the Fairfax Performance Bridle, well what a massive difference it made, the horse moved straighter, left hind more active, accepted the contact, more responsive to the half halt and the saddle stayed straight!

Just goes to show we have to consider everything from nose to tail and although there was no obvious sign of discomfort in the existing bridle clearly there was a pressure the horse was evading and posturing around, the saddle told the story but the origin was elsewhere, always learning, love the Fairfax Bridle!

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