A banana and a table….. what is this you might ask?
When assessing what “tree shape” (the inner foundation of a saddle) will suit your horse, we have to visually assess the curvature and outline of your horse’s back. Some horses can be flat through their saddle space, others start to rise to croup almost as soon as their withers stop, some are long and many are short.
A saddle tree and panel should follow the contours of your horse’s back in order to create a balanced platform. Placing a saddle on which is too curvy when the horse’s back is flat is like trying to balance a “banana on a table” , potentially creating rocking and uneven pressure. The same can be said vice versa where the saddle tree is too flat for a horse with a lot of shape, this can create a bridge & uneven contact with increased pressure at the front and rear of the saddle.
It’s always worth remembering that if your horse measures up a 17″ MW this Does Not mean that any saddle in this size will suit, it is very much dependant on the suitability of the tree and panel shape.