Product Description

Offering 3 in 1 protection for your horse

Prolite absorbs impact from rider movement

Disperses pressure over a wider area

Absorbs lateral movement keeping the pad still against the skin

Tested by Pliance this under different saddles with impressive results, this pad can reduce peak pressure by 25%

One of our favourite products the Prolite Multi Riser is so versatile we consider it an essential bit of kit. Use with with or without the front or rear shims you can create 3 pads

No shims – an extra layer of cushioning and a shock absorber

With Front shims – a front riser to lift the saddle at the front

With Rear shims – a rear riser to lift the saddle at the back

The Standard multi riser pad has a base pad of approx 1cm deep and comes with a thin and a thick set of front and rear shims

Available in Black

Special Order in White

Also available in Thin Multi Riser with a 0.5cm base pad and shims