Product Description

The x-breath K offers a single flap making an extremely light close contact saddle.

The tree with X-Breath technology presents an ample and innovative opening in the seat. This oval-shaped hole at the centre of the seat serves a dual purpose:
1. Ventilation, for enhanced air circulation and therefore cooling for horse and rider.
2.Therapeutic benefit insofar as it relieves pressure on the coccyx.

Saddles with X-Breath technology are fitted with a hole covered in a special ultra-elastic honeycomb material, for enhanced seat comfort.

The two holes on the seat, including a smaller one in the pubic area, guarantee greater comfort and facilitate ventilation. The leather version has holes and openings on the flaps and under flaps that lighten the saddle. The saddle is recommended for horses with normal and small withers and, in case the is higher than the widers, the hole allows the rider a better twist.


Offering a Seat Size of 16″, 17″, 18″ classed as a medium depth seat with Anatomically shaped blocks and only weighing 4.5 kg this saddle is a serious piece of kit !

Also available with Flaps – projections :- Standard, +2cm, +4cm, +6cm and Flaps – length XS, S, Standard, L, XL, XXL

Leather options are Smooth, Calfskin leather, Lux, Printed