Product Description

Designed for a more ‘A’ line / fit topline, the A line tree with shorter tree points offers support whilst giving freedom for the shoulders. A true jump saddle available in 2 options to suit different rider styles
DS – Deeper seat, straighter leg – suits SJ or shorter hip/knee length DF – Deeper seat, more forward cut – suits SJ or XC or longer hip/knee Made in the traditional way on a wooden spring tree, available in a variety
of custom build options.

5 Year tree guarantee


  • Available made to profile and fitting specification
  • Made on the new Adjusta tree
  • Deep knee blocks on Velcro for adjustable support
  • Stitched leather girth straps
  • Wool Flocked panel
  • Deep or Flat seat options
  • Made using the finest swiss leathers
  • Suitable for all forms of jumping

Seat Sizes 17″, 17.5″, 18″

Black or Brown