Saddle Fitting and Fees

With over 45 years combined experience our team of SMS Trained/Qualified Saddle Fitters and Advisors offer a friendly, helpful and professional service. We believe saddle fitting is an integral part of your horse’s welfare, a well fitting saddle will help provide your horse with comfort & freedom to move while providing you with a stable & supportive platform from which to rider: Performance Saddle Fitting is at the heart of what we do.
Whether you require a saddle fitting for a new saddle or your existing saddle checked our fitting fees are the same, however you can save on Fees by booking a group appointment (2 or more horses)


We Travel to You (at your yard within 59 miles) £55 plus mileage for 20+ miles

Fitting fee still applicable if you buy or order on the day. Saddle Checks – alterations chargeable, return mileage chargeable on synthetic saddle orders & repairs.

Group Appointments (2+ horses) £45 per horse plus mileage

Mileage Charges (in addition to travel to you fitting fees)
0 – 19 miles – Free
20 – 29 miles – £15
30 – 39 miles – £25
40 – 49 miles – £35
50 – 59 miles – £45
60+ POA

If you are looking to buy a new leather or synthetic saddle then these are available to buy through our SMS Qualified & Performance Saddle Fitting Service.

A new saddle fitting will take 1 – 2 hours and your saddle fitter will guide you through the process, assessing your horse firstly then trying on the various models before making any necessary adjustments in readiness for you to ride, if there are 5 saddles that suit its no problem you can try them all. Ideally your fitter will see the saddle ridden in walk, trot and canter and over a jump if required, they will then discuss the benefits of each saddle and advise you if any further modifications will be required to improve its fitting.

If you decide to go ahead and buy or order a new saddle your fitter will make any relevant recommendations such as saddle pads and girthing to use as well as discussing your aftercare plan, advising when your new saddle should next be checked.

We are happy to work with other equestrian professionals so it’s no problem if you would like to have your instructor/trainer or physiotherapist present, it all helps you make the best choice.

Investing in a new saddle is a considerable purchase and choosing the right saddle is as important to us as it is to you, with that in mind we carry in stock a core range of demonstrator saddles so all our customers can benefit from a try before you buy experience across our General Purpose, Jumping & Dressage Ranges.

Many saddles are available to purchase on the day but in some instances we will need to order the right saddle for you so waiting times may vary from 1 – 8 weeks.

We carry a small selection of good quality second hand & ex demo saddles in stock. These are available to purchase off the shelf on a ‘7 day’ return or via our Saddle Fitting Service. Unfortunately we are not able to offer saddle fittings solely for our second hand as the choice is more limited.

It’s no problem to assess your current saddle for suitability & fit, regardless of whether the saddle was purchased from us originally.

We will assess your horse and the saddle both static and ridden, we will advise if any adjustment is required to improve this and where possible we will try to carry out minor adjustments on site. We will also advise if we feel your saddle is no longer suitable, if you are already unsure of your current saddle’s fitting and would like to consider other options at the same time just let us know when you book your appointment so we can bring other saddles with us for you to try.

Please allow up to 1 hour for your saddle check, more if we need to look at other saddles at the same time. Your fitter will advise a care regime
Please be aware if you have had your saddle fitted by another SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter within the last 6 months we are obliged to contact them for original templates and details.

Currently we do not offer saddle checks for Flair & Wow saddles.

Our Performance Saddle Fitting Service comes to you; in general we will travel up to a distance of 59 miles from our Nantwich showroom.

Charges apply for all fitting services however reduced rates apply for group bookings.

Appointments are available Monday to Saturday however please bear in mind Saturdays do get booked up well in advance, waiting time for appointments can vary from 1 – 4 weeks in busy periods. Fitting fees are still applicable even with a saddle purchase.


Saddle Adjustments

In most cases our saddle fitters are able to carry out minor adjustments to your saddle when we visit you at your yard. If however your saddle requires more extensive work we can return the saddle to our own workshop or to the manufacturer for the work to be undertaken.

Repair Service

Our in house Qualified Saddler is able to carry out saddle repairs on the bench as well as offering repairs and adjustments for many items of saddlery and leather goods.

Typical repair costs:

New girth straps from £20 each
Restitch girth straps from £9 each
Complete Reflock from £125
Partial Reflock from £35
Restitch stirrup leathers £18 a pair
Hourly rate £36 including VAT

Our hourly rate for repairs is £36 per hour including VAT and will be charge at 15 minutes intervals.

All workshop repairs are scheduled so please contact the office to discuss your requirements and arrange a convenient drop off time.

We do not carry out saddle tree adjustments on site unless they are a changeable gullet system. All tree adjustments and re trees are returned to the manufacturer to protect any warranty and ensure only appropriate adjustments are made.

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