Fairfax Performance Bridles

New for 2016

We are delighted to offer Custom Fitting and Test Rides of the Fairfax Performance Bridle. The first bridle to be based on scientific research and designed to reduce pressure around 6 key pressure points.

And don’t just believe the research, every fitting we have done to date all our Riders have felt the difference, initially the horses take a few minutes to acclimatize to the change and then they just get better and better.

Often you can see the difference from the ground, feedback & comments

“Horse is more relaxed”

“I can ride him straighter, not hanging off my right rein all the time”

“More willing to accept the contact”

“His movement feels bigger”

“The horse looks like he’s come up in front, almost taller through the wither”

Visit us here on site for a Custom Fit and Test Ride and if you buy or order we will waive the £40 fitting fee!

You can also arrange a visit at your own yard. We can travel to you within 55 miles, a charge of £40 per horse will apply to all appointments, plus mileage. Mileage charges are applicable if over 15 miles as per our saddle fitting charges, split between the individuals. When we visit you Fees are not waivered regardless of purchase.

Bridle Fitting Form

  • Measuring from buckle end to buckle end