Saddler Howard 80 Today!!

Happy 80th Birthday to our Master Saddler Howard, co founder of Crewe Saddlery and my lovely Dad, still a regular feature here at the work bench on Wednesdays. Have a fabulous day 😀🎂🍾

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Putting the Albion K2 Jump to the test!!

What a great shot, courtesy of Al Johnson photography, here's customer Rachel on Big Mav taking on the hunting field!! Way to go Rachel in her custom spec Albion K2 Jump with Reverse Doe Knee & Thigh Pads and D rings for all her Hunting flasks and cases.

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Happy Harriet – takes delivery of her Amerigo Vega SF Jump

Brand Ambassador Harriet Wright was chuffed to take delivery of her Amerigo Vega Single Flap Jump for new horse William. William is proving to be quite the ladies man with all the girls on the yard clambering to ride him. William has not evented previously so Harriet is looking to bring him on over the [...]

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Matilda & Nemo

Brand Ambassador Matilda & Nemo taking delivery of their custom spec Fairfax Bridle, I think they look super happy!! This bridle was made specially for Matilda, with Fine headpiece and Fine Drop, 7" cheeks, 5" noseband hangers and a 15" browband. Great that Fairfax offer this 'specials' service for tricky or smaller bridle fits, to [...]

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Oh my what a treat….. thank you Prestige Saddles

Wow, what an amazing two days with the saddle fitting team and Prestige Saddles, held at two fabulous locations, Gornall Equestrian & Mount St John Stud and lucky for us we got to see some super talented horses strutting their stuff 😍 From a business point of view..... Advanced saddle training done and when our [...]

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Fairfax Bridles – fabulous feedback keeps on coming!

More fabulous Fairfax feedback from Courtney with handsome Cedric..... Hi, I just wanted to say I purchased a fair fax drop bridle from you just before Christmas and it has been the best thing I ever did!! My horse is totally different in it. He is so much more relaxed and stretching down into the [...]

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We use only the best Jacobs Wool….

Just had our delivery of Jacobs wool 🐑🐑This British wool is used by saddlers & saddle fitters when a saddle panel needs reflocking or topping up to rebalance, fantastic that such a traditional material is still at the forefront of today’s saddle manufacturing, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ 🐑

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Loyalty Cards for all our Spring Customers

We're springing into March with some exciting news to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Have your existing saddle checked or a New saddle fitted during March & April and you will receive one of our 'Crewe Saddlery Loyalty Cards' Exclusive deals for our loyal customers and what's more you can use them as often as [...]

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Imagine a marble….

Balance is key when it comes to saddle fitting. If your saddle is out of balance then potentially So are You and So is Your Horse. When trying to demonstrate saddle balance we will often ask clients to 'Imagine a marble' on the saddle seat and ideally we want the marble to stay in the [...]

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10 Year Anniversary of Performance Saddle Fitting!!

Crewe Saddlery is actually 38 year this year but in 2008  we made the bold move to close down Crewe Saddlery the retail store and focus solely on our speciality which is "Saddle Fitting". Now 10 years later on, Crewe Saddlery 'Performance Saddle Fitting' has gone from strength to strength, seeing over 1100 horse per [...]

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