Fairfax Bridles – fabulous feedback keeps on coming!

More fabulous Fairfax feedback from Courtney with handsome Cedric..... Hi, I just wanted to say I purchased a fair fax drop bridle from you just before Christmas and it has been the best thing I ever did!! My horse is totally different in it. He is so much more relaxed and stretching down into the [...]

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We use only the best Jacobs Wool….

Just had our delivery of Jacobs wool 🐑🐑This British wool is used by saddlers & saddle fitters when a saddle panel needs reflocking or topping up to rebalance, fantastic that such a traditional material is still at the forefront of today’s saddle manufacturing, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!’ 🐑

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Loyalty Cards for all our Spring Customers

We're springing into March with some exciting news to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Have your existing saddle checked or a New saddle fitted during March & April and you will receive one of our 'Crewe Saddlery Loyalty Cards' Exclusive deals for our loyal customers and what's more you can use them as often as [...]

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Imagine a marble….

Balance is key when it comes to saddle fitting. If your saddle is out of balance then potentially So are You and So is Your Horse. When trying to demonstrate saddle balance we will often ask clients to 'Imagine a marble' on the saddle seat and ideally we want the marble to stay in the [...]

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10 Year Anniversary of Performance Saddle Fitting!!

Crewe Saddlery is actually 38 year this year but in 2008  we made the bold move to close down Crewe Saddlery the retail store and focus solely on our speciality which is "Saddle Fitting". Now 10 years later on, Crewe Saddlery 'Performance Saddle Fitting' has gone from strength to strength, seeing over 1100 horse per [...]

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Your horse’s back and a suspension bridge

This is an analogy we often you when out saddle fitting, especially when its a young/green horse or one who is lacking topline & muscle. We ask clients to visualise their horse's back as a suspension bridge and when we add weight and additional stress to this bridge in terms of a rider, saddle, it [...]

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Dates for your Diary – Saturday Saddle Check Clinics – £25 per horse

NEW for 2018 - We're holding monthly Saddle Check Clinics here at Cockshades Farm, CW5 7HA. Take advantage of the £10 discount on fitting fees @ just £25 per horse (usually £35) and most flocking adjustments and gullet changes can be done on site (additional costs apply). February 3rd with Sarah March 10th with Emma [...]

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Should I fasten on girth straps 1 & 3?

Should I fasten on girth straps 1 & 3? The old rule used to be; Use girth straps 1 & 3, however many saddles are now manufactured with more than 3 girth fixings so greater awareness is required. The first image shows 3 straps in the traditional position or what I would call neutral girthing. [...]

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How often should I get my saddle checked?

If you have just purchased a newly fitted saddle we recommend your first saddle check be within 3 months of purchase, we advise this for two reasons:- 1. This allows a period of time for the saddle to settle in and often if the saddle has a flocked panel it is necessary to make a [...]

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Brain, Pain or Train….

Brain, Pain or Training..... Book by Sue Palmer I've read this book cover to cover, the concept is simple, asking yourself and the horse the right questions to establish which is the likely cause behind your horses behaviour or drop in performance: Is it Brain - the horse taking advantage, the rider and handler need [...]

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