Brain, Pain or Train….

Brain, Pain or Training..... Book by Sue Palmer I've read this book cover to cover, the concept is simple, asking yourself and the horse the right questions to establish which is the likely cause behind your horses behaviour or drop in performance: Is it Brain - the horse taking advantage, the rider and handler need [...]

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A banana or a table…….

A banana and a table..... what is this you might ask? When assessing what "tree shape" (the inner foundation of a saddle) will suit your horse, we have to visually assess the curvature and outline of your horse's back. Some horses can be flat through their saddle space, others start to rise to croup almost [...]

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My saddle leans to oneside….why?

My saddle leans to one side, why? Horses are one sided and asymmetrical as are we and training ourselves to ride more straightly as well as training our horse to move straighter is of equal importance. Asymmetry can create imbalance and whether this comes from the horse or the rider it can have an effect [...]

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Fab Team Day

Fab Team Day today, lots of saddle talk and exciting plans for 2018. The ‘gullet change challenge’ caused lots of controversy, Sarah our champion setting the record for a complete gullet change in just 1 minute 59 seconds! Meanwhile the trivia quiz got us all thinking, good to get together #crewesaddlerycrew thank you for all [...]

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From nose to tail….

We were asked to check a saddle today that we had not seen before and the rider felt the saddle was always tipped left. Having assesses the horse both static and ridden we could see the horse dropping its left hip quite dramatically creating a dynamic for the saddle to follow. A few small adjustments [...]

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Team Quest 2017 here we go!!

The Crewe Saddlery Divas are set to ride again in this years Team Quest. Saddle Fitters Sarah & Alison, Office Coordinator Sally and long time supporters of Crewe Saddlery Elaine and Tori are ready for action and hoping to better our 2015 debut season result where we qualified for the North West Regionals and came 5th! To [...]

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